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Auto Shop Concept Training with Todd Hayes

Auto Shop Concept Training with Todd Hayes


This is a Business Concept that is Proven to Produce 10X the Revenue of the Average Repair Shop

In this revolutionary new training program, you'll learn exactly what it takes to run a million-dollar-a-month auto repair business.

Next Class - July 14-16 - Houston, TX

Register NOW and you will learn and see this proven concept in operation at the nation's Top-Performing service center, Adams Automotive.

Oh what you'll learn!

This is not your average classroom learning event. It's not flashy. It's an intentionally small group. AND It's not Theory. We will teach you exactly how to perfect your current business model using this proven system and increase profits. And there's a lot to learn in just two and a half days, so come prepared to work hard and learn on your feet.

During this fast paced program we wont talk in hypothetical terms. You will spend hands on time at four Houston area shops already deploying this Proven Business Concept to generate over $2 Million every month.

At the end of each day we will review the actual numbers of the shop so you understand exactly what's going on. A majority of the training program takes place at our training center ​overlooking the industry's most successful independent automotive repair business, Adams Automotive.

What Attendees Say

Bill Lewandowski

Regional Manager - Simply True Automotive

Cody Olshaski

Owner - Gary's Automotive

Yousef Ahmad

CEO - DIV Automotive Group

Conley Williams

General Manager - Westlake Houston Automotive

The Agenda

We only work in small groups that every person receives one-on-one training in the auto shop concept.

Day 1

  • We kick off the program at the training center in our flagship store to discuss​ each attendees personal objectives and cover an overview of the course.
  • ​Next up we'll take a "whistle stop tour"of our Houston area locations where you will see the concept in operation at four different size shops with different demographics demonstrating the power of The Concept in any repair shop.
  • ​We'll end the day back at the training center to debrief from our tour and set expectations for the weekend.
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Day 2

  • We'll begin the day with a breakfast meeting at 7:30
  • ​You'll join our team for a Take-5 discussion before the opening bell.
  • We'll introduce you to the primary tools to support the sales process
  • ​We'll teach you to master SpeedOfServiceand the power of vehicle inspections
  • ​You'll learn about some of the marketing tools that keep the phone ringing
  • Attendees will learn and practice the art of the Meet and Great
  • ​And we'll show you how to share your unique story using video
  • ​You'll work in groups to learn how to handle Missed-Sales and Additional Concerns
  • ​We'll wrap up with an in-depth Q&A session where all your questions will be answered.

Day 3

  • We'll begin the day again with a breakfast meeting at 7:30 and join the Adams team for a Take-5 discussion about how to achieve today's goals
  • ​Next we'll head out to the shop where you will be introduced to the SpeedLift and participate in team inspections that we perform on every car
  • Participants work with our team to learn how SpeedOfService keeps your customers coming back again and again
  • ​We'll practice customer callbacks and listen to actual customer calls to identify points of improvement.
  • ​Finally we'll discuss how to build​ the best team in town and Always Be Recruiting
  • ​We'll wrap up with an in-depth Q&A session​


Todd hayes

He's the magic behind the success of the Adams Automotive story.

Todd Hayes is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, business leader, and media personality with over three decades of experience in the automotive industry. He is the President and Founder of RepairOne, a successful, multi-million dollar auto-repair service center, and the founder of AutoShopAnswers and AdvertisingAnswers coaching concepts. 

Todd is currently the COO of six successful repair shop locations which have achieved impressive results, including annual revenue over 30 million dollars and an average GP of 62.5, with record revenue and profit in 2022.

In 1986, Todd founded Mobile Car Care, a chain of auto repair service centers, and led the company through its start-up and expansion, quickly growing it into one of the most successful businesses of its kind. In just ten years, Mobile Car Care had locations in three major Texas markets, at which point Todd sold the company to a partnership formed by Retail & Restaurant Growth Capital, L.P. (RRGC) and Cardinal Investment Co.

Todd launched RepairOne in 2002, and continued to demonstrate his vision, strategic focus, and leadership skills, spearheading the growth of his second multi-million dollar company. He has achieved record levels of revenue and profit, solidifying RepairOne's reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction. Todd's unique perspective of the automotive repair and service environment has enabled him to set RepairOne apart from its competitors and remain a trusted name in the industry. Todd sold the company to SRSANDCO

Todd's media accomplishments are equally impressive. He was the host of the nationally syndicated radio show Auto to Show Special in Houston, Texas, for which he received the coveted Wheel Award from the Detroit Press Club Foundation, honoring his journalistic excellence in broadcast media. Todd has also been a newspaper columnist for the Houston Chronicle, the President of the Texas Auto Writers Association, the creator of Test Drive TV for CBS and the United Airlines in-flight automotive program Test Drive, and the co-founder of the North American Auto Writers newspaper syndication.

Todd's advertising prowess has also been widely recognized, and he has received numerous ADDY® awards for excellence in advertising, presented by the American Advertising Federation.

Overall, Todd's business acumen, media expertise, and advertising talent make him a highly respected and successful industry leader, and a valuable asset to any organization.

Todd is also the recipient of numerous ADDY® awards for excellence in advertising presented by the American Advertising Federation.

Meet The Dream Team


gregsands-1 jpg

Greg Sands


"Todd brought speed of service to the auto industry by training time management systems. Speed sales!"

Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 11 48 22 PM jpg

Charlie Zlatkos

Owner, Pleasant Car Care

"I was a good technician and thought I was running a successful shop. But implementing this concept showed me what success in business and my personal life really means."

Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 11 56 47 PM jpg

Perry Adams


"This concept has tripled our sales, turned us into multi shop owners, and catapulted us into the number one shop in America in less than 3 years!!"

Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 11 55 18 PM jpg

Adam Bartel


"Once we surrendered to Todd's concept we not only became substantially more profitable but it also made Bartel's a great place to work!"

Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 11 44 25 PM jpg

Scott Strait


"Wow! February was the shortest month of the year and our new all-time record month after 42 years. What can I say, the concept works."

bill brusard jpeg

Bill Brusard


" For the first time, my income was almost completely passive and I could explore the opportunity of helping other shop owners gain the freedom they were struggling to find."

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